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Sitting Reserve

Posted by Jeffrey on April 8, 2008

being an airline pilot is a lot like any other job.  sometimes you love it and sometimes you dislike it…sometimes a lot!!!  saying “hate” would be an over statement, because I never really “hate” it.  i just strongly dislike it most the time.  sometimes i strongly dislike it more than other times, but today i just plain ol’ vanilla dislike it.  you see, in the airline industry you have to sit “reserve.”  reserve means that if you aren’t senior enough to hold a “line” you sit reserve.  a “line” means that you hold a “regular” schedule, which in airline parlance means you at least know what you are going to do for that month, which means you know your start and stop times and most the time where you are going.  reserve means you don’t know where you are going or when you are getting back.  the only thing that is definite is that you are “on call” at a certain time, till a certain time, and anywhere inbetween they, your friendly neighborhood crew support personnel, can call you and you go.  where you stop, well, only your crew support person knows.  today i sat “reserve” and was never called.  oh, well.  till tomorrow.


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