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Airline Merger Mania

Posted by Jeffrey on April 19, 2008

Have you been watching the news?  If you missed it, in the last few weeks, four airlines folded and two are in merger talks.

Why would anyone want to get into the airline business?  And knowing what I know now, I probably would have stayed a programmer.

Here’s how I see it…When I started my flight training in 1999, the world’s biggest fear was the “2000 Bug.”  Remember that?  Everyone thought the world would crash.  Well it didn’t.  At the time, though the airlines have never been strong, a job as an airline pilot was attractive.  Easy work, easy looking flight attendants, great overnights and great pay.  After 9/11, that all ended!

Anyway, what does it all mean when these airlines merge?  Probably nothing, but you may see higher airline ticket prices.  It is going to have to be done.  Less competition in the market and higher gas prices,  mean higher prices.  Subsequently, like everything, people will cut back on their flying for awhile and then, as they adjust to the “new” way, they will adjust their spending and begin flying again, but never at the level we have seen in the past.  The crazy thing to me as that people in general still haven’t figured it out.  We have to stop relying on foreign oil, get our finances in order, demand more accountability from our law makers, and get our heads out the “Entertainment Tonight” non-reality and get back to taking care of ourselves!

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