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Captain Leadership Training

Posted by Jeffrey on April 26, 2008

Just got back last night from SLC after attending a “Left Seat” Leadership course.  SkyWest likes to bring captains back to training after they have been “online” for at least a year and revisit the “captain’s” responsibilities.  I must say, at first I thought it was just a waste of time, because I had to fly to SLC, attend this class, in a tie, and then fly home.  But…as it turns out, it was worthwhile.  We talked about leadership, investigated the causes of some airline accidents, and had a working lunch.  We could also ask questions and discuss events that had happened to us on line.  The instructors were all good speakers and it was worth our time.  I’m not sure if other airlines to this but this was worth it.  The one thing I got from it all was to remember to walk-the-walk.  You don’t have to be an ego-maniac but you do have to lead and by leading you must control the time and tempo of a trip to make it successful.



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