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New Month, New Schedule

Posted by Jeffrey on May 1, 2008

Well if you know anything about the airlines, you would know that typically pilots and flight attendants bid on their schedules for the month.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are “lines” and there are “reserve lines.”  A “line” is a set schedule.  You know when you start, where you are going, and when you finish.  A “reserve line” is a set of days that you are available to the company to go fly.  You wake up in the morning, they call you, and two hours later you could be sitting up front on you way to anywhere and somewhere.  No matter who you talk to, a “line” beats a “reserve line” any day.  With that in mind, there are times when a “reserve line” is more beneficial.  For instance, when you DON’T want to work; however, by putting yourself on reserve, depending on where your company is with staffing, you could either work A LOT or none at all.  It seems to be fast or famine and you have to be careful when you “bid” reserve.  In other words, if historical you are a line holder, but don’t want to work, bid reserve, but know whether or not they are flying the reserves or you could end up having a nasty schedule.

With all this said, for May, I got awarded a “composite line” which is a mix of “line” and “reserve line.”  Kind of the best of both worlds.  I get all the great qualities of having a “line” but some “reserve” days thrown in there that I probably won’t have to work, so it is like having extra days off.

More later…I’m in SLC on my way to YEG.  It’s snowing here and it’s May 1.  Welcome to summer!

Talk to you soon…

P.S. Very cool video of Airplane Flight Patterns over the USA…


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