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A Four-Day Trip and One Black Eye

Posted by Jeffrey on May 5, 2008

I just finished a four-day trip yesterday. This one went very well without a lot of drama.  We made excursions into Canada twice…Edmonton and Calgary.  The third night we were in Rapid City, S.D.  On the third day, went I met my crew in the morning, it turns out my flight attendant managed to give herself a black eye.  She said that she felt sick around 11:30 pm, went to the bathroom and passed out.  Upon waking, she said there was throw-up all around her and her eye/cheek hurt.  Hmmmm?  My order of events might be off but you get the jist of it.  She doesn’t really seem like the type to go out and party then lie to me about how she she got the shiner, so I basically ruled that out, but then again, you never know.  As for getting sick, passing out, throwing up, and giving yourself a shiner, well, that one is equally hard to swallow, and again who knows.  Obviously she knows but she’s not telling and what she did tell me is about all I have to go on.  So, I could have had her removed from the flight, because who wants a blackeyed flight attedant?  They might think that the captain is betting up his crew though.  If she did get caught with the blackeye by the FA police, she would have been pulled off the trip, but we made it through.  The only other notable event was that an FAA Safety Inspector rode up in the jumpseat with us from Rapid City.  I hate it when they do that.  I don’t think I broke any rules…

Till next time…


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