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FAA in the Jumpseat from Rapid City (KRAP)

Posted by Jeffrey on May 6, 2008

I only mentioned it briefly in the last blog, but Dan, an FAA Safety Inspector, was in the jumpseat from RAP to DEN.  It was a great four-day trip up until then.  I didn’t see it coming and surely didn’t expect the FAA to be riding along out of RAP.  He was fine…a little disgruntled, but otherwise nice enough.  Didn’t really talk much but when he did he didn’t have anything nice to say about other airlines and his work.  I guess the FAA is working him a lot and it’s mostly because of the Southwest Airlines maintenance issues that have come up in the last couple weeks.  He was on his way to D.C. to evaluate what the FAA did wrong, i.e., where had their oversight failed.  Refreshing in a way.  It was nice to know that the FAA doesn’t consider itself infallible.  Anyway…it’s always stressful when the FAA rides along.  They can bust you and you may not even know why…


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