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Smelly Passengers

Posted by Jeffrey on May 21, 2008

Here’s a first for me…

I started a two-day trip: COS-LAX-PHX.  Our Auxilary Power Unit, APU, was inop when we picked up the airplane in COS, which means we weren’t going to have any air conditioning (or electrical) while on the ground. Total inconvenience considering that the temperatures were getting into the low 70s and we projected to be in the 80s when we got to LAX.

Well other than the normal non-APU start, the flight from COS to LAX was uneventful.  In LAX we picked up 49 passengers.  Well after 49 passengers boarded a lady come up and was complaining about the passenger next to her that he smelled.  So we sat her in an empty seat.  Unfortunately, a 50th passenger was about to board and now the NEW passenger was going to be asked to sit next to the smelly passenger. It took some doing but we eventually asked the smelly passenger to go and “freshen” up and then return to the plane.  He was apologetic and the rest of the flight was uneventful.  Amazingly enough, most people seemed fairly happy when they got off the airplane even though we were about 20 minutes behind schedule.

It was a good lesson for me because I had never had to deal with such a situation. It seemed the right thing to do was to listen to the flight attendant and the complaint resolution officer and work out an amiable solution for everyone…even if the flight was going to be late.

Till next time…


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