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Lincoln, Nebraska Run

Posted by Jeffrey on August 4, 2008

Nebraska State Capitol Building

Nebraska State Capitol Building

Ran through downtown Lincoln, Nebraska today. If you have never been in Lincoln, you would might be surprised. Very clean wide streets. Definitely a college town with a good assortment of bars, check out Haymarket Square, and places to eat. I found running through downtown a pleasant experience and I ended my run through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). The next time I run here I will focus more on randomly running through UNL and then later finish with downtown again. Hopefully I will get the chance before it turns cold again. Today it was in the 90’s with 31% humidity. I cut the run short because I’m not completely comfortable running in high humidity areas. It’s something that you have to work into.

During my run I ran past the capitol building pictured above. It is a very impressive building, towering higher than most the buildings in Lincoln.  A 19 foot bronze figure, “The Sower,” tops out the building. Very cool!

If you want to keep track of your runs, consider using GARMIN Forerunner 405 Black GPS Enabled Sports Watch/HRM. It’s light and flexible, plus gives you your heart rate. It is easy to put into your suitcase for road trips. The best thing about it, if you get lost, well you know where you are and how to get back where you started.

Till next time…run safe…


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