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New Pilots…Prepare!

Posted by Jeffrey on August 20, 2008

Pilots and would-be pilots have a problem…they LOVE airplanes. Who can say they never looked up as an airplane flew by and just wondered what it would be like. What would it be like to fly? To control and fly an airplane? To sit up front as the airplane rolled down the runway and lifted off! Who hasn’t walked on to an airplane and glanced to look up at the flight deck with all those displays and panels and wondered how cool it would be to fly one.

Well, now anyone can experience the thrill of flight. Most flight schools sponsor “Discovery Flights.” This is your chance to sit in the cockpit and experience actually flying in a general aviation (GA) airplane. If you are interested, contact one of your local flight schools. It runs somewhere from $49 to $99 for between a half hour flight and a 1 hour flight.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) has a website where you can Find a Flight School. Contact the school of you choice and set up the appointment. Take a friend, too. Guaranteed, you will be hooked. If nothing else, you will get to fly. Then once you are back home, start researching where you can get the material that you will need to start your training. Your first stop should be the Official FAA Pilot License Training Kit. This bundle of information has everything that you need to get started and in an easy down-loadable format.

And if you would like to meet someone who is on their journey to becoming a Private Pilot, stop by Todd McClamroch’s MyFlightBlog to follow his adventures.

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