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Treadmill Running in SAV

Posted by Jeffrey on August 23, 2008

Finally, another run. Lately, finding time to run on overnights has been challenging. My biggest motivation killer is exhaustion. A long day of flying in and out of ORD can take its toll. Usually, on the van ride to the hotel, my thoughts go something like this, “OK, get to your room, put your running shoes on, and just go run for 20 minutes.” But once I get to my room, store all my stuff, and promise myself to run, ultimately¬†I take off my uniform, sit down and turn the TV on. Mental exhaustion, once again even though I KNOW that if I just go for a short run I’ll be refreshed, a few calories lighter, and mentally clearer, wins out.

Today I didn’t give in. After getting to the hotel and taking a few minutes to wind down, the running shoes came on and off to the treadmill I went. And I feel better about myself, too. Running has a way of doing that for you. And lately, a technique that I’ve been using to¬†get running is goal setting. In the book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill,setting a goal, writing it on paper, imagining that you already have achieved it, trains your subconcious mind to go achieve it, thus overcoming the negativism that keeps you from doing what you really want to achieve. My goal, get below 200 lbs. So far it’s working. I’m almost there.

Well the treadmill run went fine. I would have run outside, even though SAV has sweltering humidity, but Tropical Storm Fay just came through and it is wet outside. And though treadmill running is never as fun as running outside, in my opinion, you can still get a good workout. The trick is to still monitor your heartrate and vary the speed and incline. Sometimes treadmills have heart rate monitors and sometimes though don’t. When they do have them they are tremendously inconvenient for a lot of reasons. I use the Nike Triax C6 Heart Rate Monitor.It is perfect when running away from your homebase. It’s also stylish and dependable.

So get out there and run on the treadmill, if even for 20 minutes, you’ll feel tons better because of it.


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