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CRJ200 – EICAS System Review

Posted by Jeffrey on August 30, 2008

The CRJ series of airplanes actually have a very understandable message system called Engine Indicating Crew Alerting System or EICAS. The panels are located in the middle of the display consoles.

There are four types of messages: Warning, Caution, Advisory, and Status that can be displayed to the pilot. Each type of message has a different importance to it and are represented in different colors.

Warning and Caution Messages are displayed on ED1.

Warning Messages

  • Warning messages are in red text and are conditions requiring IMMEDIATE action
  • They are always accompanied by a triple chime, flashing the MASTER WARNING lights, and possibly an aural/voice message
  • Check the QRH to resolve the condition or call maintenance if you are not sure
  • Posted in chronological order on top of ED1
  • Warning messages can only be removed by correcting the condition that caused the message.
  • If there are more than 24 messages, only the most¬† recent 24 messages will displayed.
  • Warning messages cannot be paged through or boxed.

Caution Messages

  • Caution messages are yellow text and are conditions requiring CORRECTIVE action
  • ALWAYS accompanied by a single chime and flashing MASTER CAUTION lights
  • Check the QRH to resolve the condition or call maintenance if you are not sure
  • Listed in chronological order, but ALWAYS below WARNING messages
  • Can be boxed/removed on the ground with both engines stabilized at IDLE and < 1 page of messages
  • Can be boxed/removed in flight with 1 engine running
  • Boxed message indication on EICAS – MSGS
  • Page through multiple pages using EICAS Control Panel (ECP) CAS button
  • If new CAUTION occurs while boxed – the new CAUTION message appears ABOVE boxed MSGS

Advisory and Status Messages are displayed on ED2.

Advisory Messages

  • Advisory Messages are green text and show that a safe condition exists like “Fuel Pumps On”
  • System response or acknowledgement messages
  • Removed by de-selecting a switch or system like when turning the Fuel Pumps off

Status Messages

  • Status Messages are white text and indicate abnormal conditions or low priority failures
  • Check the QRH to resolve condition or call maintenance if you are not sure
  • Can be removed/boxed/paged
  • ECP STAT button will page through status messages if more than 1 page
  • Upon reaching the last page, STAT will then box messages
  • New STATUS message will un-box all status messages

I will talk about when Warning and Caution Messages are inhibited in my next entry.


Till next time…


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