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CRJ200 – Inhibited Messages

Posted by Jeffrey on September 3, 2008

CRJ 200 Primary Flight Display (PFD)

CRJ 200 Primary and Multi-Function Flight Display

Last time I talked about the different messages on the CRJ200: Warning, Caution, Status, and Advisory. 

What is interesting about the CRJ is that in order to limit distractions during critical phases of flight, messages are inhibited.

The three phases of flight are: Takeoff, Flight, and Landing.

Warning and Caution messages are the ONLY messages that are inhibited.

Advisory and Status messages are not inhibited.


  • The aircraft is Weight-On-Wheels (W-ON-W) and
  • N1 is greater than 79.1% and
  • Airspeed is less than 100 KIAS

In Flight

  • Condition 1: Airspeed greater than 100 KIAS and From the runway to 400′ agl
  • Condition 2: Airspeed greater than 100 KIAS and 30 seconds W-OFF-W


  • Condition 1: Gear is down and locked and altitude less than 400′ agl
  • Condition 2: Gear is down and locked and 30 seconds W-ON-W
  • Condition 3: Gear is down and locked and Radar Altimeter is greater than 400′ agl during a go-around

Once these conditions don’t exist any more, the airplane will start letting you know what the problem is.

Remember to use your QRH and your fellow crew member to address the situation. And never forget one of the cardinal lessons you learned during your primary training: aviate, navigate, and communicate. Though you may be flying jets now and things happen very fast, this lesson still has as much meaning as when you were a student pilot. If you take your time, identify what needs to be done when, and controlling the situation, you are much more likely to come to a favorable conclusion…

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