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This eBags “Crew Cooler” is Cool!

Posted by Jeffrey on September 10, 2008

eBags "Crew Cooler"

Normally it’s cool to be the trendsetter and not the trendfollower, but the next time you are walking around the airport, take a look at what the crews have on top of their rollerbags and I bet you will see the eBags Crew Cooler.

It is the most stylish, durable, roomy cooler out there.

If you are one to pack your food, and believe me, with airport food prices and hotel food prices (even with a discount) as high as gas prices, you probably should be packing your own food. This is the cooler to get.

It is big enough to hold about three days of well packed food. If you use an ice pack, the insulation will help keep your food cold. It is nice enough looking that your chief pilot or chief flight attendant isn’t going to raise an eyebrow when you pull in to the crew room. In other words, you will remain professional looking. It has a well place shoulder strap and several useful pockets for miscellaneous items. It also has a strap on the back that fits over your rollerbag tow bar for easy transportability.

I’ve tried several cooler bags and this is the ONLY one worth the investment. It will stand up to the rigors of “living the dream” as a airline crew member.

Till next time…

P.S. A TIP: Use zip-loc bags to hold ice. A variety of sizes will help to keep the ice where you want it, prevent the melt-off from soaking into food containers and from leaking to the outside of the bag while you are on the go, and are easy to refill from the galley, hotel, or office.


3 Responses to “This eBags “Crew Cooler” is Cool!”

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  2. […] This eBags “Crew Cooler” is Cool […]

  3. Thanks so much for this awesome writeup! We’re so glad you enjoy the Crew Cooler!

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