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The Dreaded Airline Interview

Posted by Jeffrey on September 27, 2008

An aviation acquaintance of mine in Australia, Glen Solly, has written an outstanding ebook called

A Pilot’s Guide to the Successful Interview

that is relavent no matter what country you live it. Once you read his bio, I think you will agree with me that he is more than qualified to give meaningful advice regarding the dreaded airline interview.

So, if you are going to your first interview, or your 10th (hopefully not!), you are going to want to pick up this ebookand study it. I’ve read it and it is packed with super useful and insightful tips about preparing for and going to an interview. He gives you ideas on what to expect and how to handle different situations in the interview. And, he uses a technique called Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which if you have studied marketing at all, is the basis for selling a product. And you can bet, when you go to an interview, you are “selling” yourself. I don’t mean that in a “selling your soul” kind of way but what I do mean is that you are marketing yourself so that they want to hire YOU over the pilot next to you.

Here is an outline of what you will get:

  • Realizing Your Potential
  • The Employment Process
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • The Mechanics of the Interview
  • Positive Attitude, which includes Mental Toughening and Visualization — I loved this section!
  • A Checklist
  • A Quiz
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • And Dealing with Rejection

The “Dealing with Rejection” is a great add-on section because though you always want to be positive and believe that you are going to get the job, the truth is that that is not always the case and what you need is mental ammunition to get you going again after a big let down.

You can see that his ebook covers a wide range of topics, is updated regularly and has acceptable depth to keep you reading. It will help you get your first acceptance letter to the airline of your choice.

Go pick it up now, you will be glad you did. Click Here!


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