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Almost the Speed of Sound Has Moved to

Posted by Jeffrey on March 29, 2009

Dear Fellow Pilot:

If you found this page looking for great piloting tips and information on the CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet), then you are half-way to the right place.

I have moved all the content up to this point to

By hosting my blog on my own domain, I have been able to further enhance the site for your viewing experience.

So just follow this link, to continuing reading.

To Your Flying Success…


Jeffrey is a captain at a regional airline and flies the CRJ200, CRJ700, and the CRJ900. He has over 4000 hrs of flying experience in many different airplanes and is a Gold Seal flight instructor to his credit. He has recently written “The CRJ200 Quicknote Study Guide” that simplifies the systems of the CRJ200 into an easy-to-follow, downloadable eBook. Click here to get your copy today!


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