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Airline Career Advisor Package

Getting into the airlines is a complicated process. Sure you can spend thousand and thousands of dollars going to a university that has an aviation program like University of North Dakota, Aviation Management Degree or you can attend a university in your state and save money, get a useful degree in business or marketing, THEN search out a local FBO and get your certificates and ratings (Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine, Flight Instructor, etc.) and save yourself a TON of money. Then, once you have your hours or if you already have your hours, get the Airline Career Advisor Package. 

This package has everything you need to get started and find that coveted airline job. I own all these books, but I bought them SEPERATELY (yeah, ouch!) and they were essential in getting my first airline job at ExpressJet and now at SkyWest. Seperately they would run you about $200. That’s wasted flight time. Buy them together and they run you ONLY $135. Huge savings! Now go get that job!

Logbook Pro

There are a few essential things pilots need: a headset, a flightbag, and a logbook. A good headset is a must and you can get one at a very reasonable price. In a previous entry, I raved about the David Clark Aviation Headset, H10-13.4.But when it comes to logbooks you can do a few things — you can buy an actual logbook with pages or you can come into the 21st century and get an electronic logbook. When I started out, I used a paper logbook and now I have THREE of them. They are important because you get your endorsments in the back of the logbook, but as time goes on, and you get all your endorsements and start building hours, you will need something that can calculate your flight time along many different categories at a blink of an eye. The Logbook Pro Pilot Logbook Softwareis a great logbook. You will see that it does A LOT more than track your hours…it tracks currency requirements, medical exams, along with everything else you need to stay up on your flight time. One of its best features though, I believe, is the ability to print out your electronic logbook with the parameters that are important to you and will help you get the flying job you have been working so hard to get. So get it early and start tracking that flight time, you will save yourself a lot of time and you will be glad you have it!

True Crue Graphics – Static Cockpit Displays

If you visit any training department and you are going to see Training Crew Graphics. These folks are the leader is cockpit posters. If you are serious about become a pilot, you need something to sit in front and learn those flows. True quality product and they have about every airplane there is.

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