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TSA Hints

If you have been through an airport in the last seven years, there are a group of people that exists via the acronym, TSA. Now TSA stands for “Transportation Security Administration.” I have different name for them, “Those Stupid …,” well you can fill in the blanks. Their motto, I believe is “We aren’t happy till you are unhappy!” Honestly, I don’t know where they get these people. They dress like slobs and impose what seem like arbitrary rules as they see fit. But, hey, life is full of people that are happy with the way things are. But for you, the traveler, consider a few thing when you travel:

1. Visit the TSA Website – This is IMPORTANT! You have to know what you can and can’t carry through security checkpoint. Though the rules my seem stupid, don’t you be! Click here: and be informed!

2. Don’t bring any thing through security that you can’t live without. If you must have it, follow 3-1-1. For more information visit the TSA Website.

3. Don’t wear watches, big earrings, big metal belt buckles, or shoes when going through the metal detector. If you don’t want to be embarrased, take them off!

4. Don’t argue with the TSA screener…you will lose… and just make it miserable day. TSA Screeners can be like police persons, that is, completely irrational. They are drones. They buzz around their machines doing exactly what they have been told to do. Thinking outside the box is not in their job descriptions. So just follow the rules and everything will go fine.

5. Get to the airport early. I’ve seen security lines that take longer to get through than a ride in Disney Land. Most ariports have a Starbucks or something yumming to eat inside security, so get there early, get through security, and then make it an event. Get your coffee, find your gate, and relax…you will be glad you did…


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